Riverside Community Caucus Candidate Forum

October 2, 2022 at 2pm, the six candidates, seeking the Riverside Community Caucus endorsement sat before the community answering questions and helping the community to learn more about them.

Watch the video to learn more about the candidates!

The RCC is excited to announce this years prospective Riverside Board of Trustee candidates, seeking the RCC’s endorsement for the April 4th, 2023 election.

Cristin Evans

Cristin Evans is an experienced communication strategist with 25 years of public service in the fields of government and criminal justice administration. She has served on the Riverside Village Board of Trustees since 2019 and is seeking a second term. In addition to her role as a trustee, Cristin is active in her community as a member of Riverside Junior Women’s Charity and Friends of the Library Board Secretary. She has lived in Riverside for 17 years, residing with her husband, John, their two children and their dog. Cristin earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Columbia College Chicago.

Alexander Gallegos

Alex Gallegos is a lifelong resident of Riverside and a sitting village trustee. He is currently a financial advisor with a long career in the banking and finance sector. He takes the village’s fiduciary role very seriously, and his background allows him to navigate the intricacies of the village finances. Alex is committed to serving the public as is evident in the organizations and activities that he has been a part of including the Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, American Legion Post 488, and the Tri-County Illinois Police Association. Alex has a special interest in the emphasis of the river for recreational activities and subsequent economic benefits. He has initiated and organized several events and activities involving the use of the river, including: The Riverside Regatta, Lantern Nite, Music by the River – September 11th Remembrance (20th Anniversary), Kayak rental events, and environmental river clean-ups. Alex is running for his second term as a village trustee, hoping to continue to contribute to the ongoing issues of the village.

Michael Henaghan

Michael Henaghan is a tax attorney and managing editor of tax research products, experienced at quickly synthesizing information from varied sources to make recommendations and decisions, in close collaboration with multiple stakeholders including sales, marketing, software developers, and his reports. Mike grew up in Brookfield, attended RBHS, moved from Lombard to Riverside in 2018 with his wife and young son because of the unique character of the village and the strong school system. Mike is interested in serving Riverside as trustee by listening to different viewpoints, making decisions after contemplation and reasoned communications, without being political. He has a LL.M from Northwestern University School of Law, a JD from DePaul University College of Law (JD), and BA in Finance and a BA in Political Science from North Central College.

Alex Layng

Alex Layng grew up in Riverside and fondly remembers his participation in the Riverside Rec Department sports teams and the Village’s annual Fourth of July festivities. He moved back to the area in 2018 and he and his wife purchased a home here in 2021. Alex is the Manager of Strategic Projects for a privacy and security incident-management company serving the healthcare, insurance, finance and government sectors. He offers not only strategic business experience, but also project management and business process improvement skills, and an understanding of the importance of consensus decision-making. As a graduate of the University of Iowa (MS in Earth & Environmental Science) and Northwestern University (BA in Earth & Planetary Science, BA in Classics), he brings experience as a researcher and scientist as well. Alex believes Riverside’s greatest asset is its residents.

Derrick Mancini

Derrick Mancini is a 26-year resident of the village and a 10-year owner of a local retail business. Derrick chose Riverside to raise his family and open a business because of its unique historical, physical environment, and strong sense of community. As well as being a retired scientist, Derrick has a degree in history and extensive experience managing multimillion-dollar projects during his career at a government laboratory. He served for a decade on the Riverside TV Commission, watching and attending many board meetings. Derrick looks forward to the opportunity of serving the village as a trustee. In that role he wants to help steward the future growth and maintenance of the village, represent and assist village residents, maintain and improve communication and transparency of village government, and foster the environment and community values that first attracted him to Riverside.

Jill Mateo

Jill Mateo is an associate professor of biology and psychology at The University of Chicago, where she studies the development of adaptive behaviors while teaching graduate and undergraduate students. A 19-year resident of Riverside, she has been an active volunteer for many organizations, including as President of Riverside Junior Woman's Charity and Riverside Arts Weekend. The Riverside Township Lions Club acknowledged her volunteer efforts with The Bill Jansky Distinguished Citizen Award. She has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for over eight years and is currently the Chairperson. She has attended nearly every Board of Trustees meeting since 2009, and believes she has the background, institutional knowledge, dedication and analytic skills to be an effective trustee.

The Recruiting Process

For more about the RCC's recruiting process, please see below

Thinking about running for the Village of Riverside's Board of Trustees?

If so, we're glad you're here!

Becoming a member of Riverside's Board of Trustees is a great way to make a positive impact on our community. The Riverside Community Caucus (RCC) is here to help, encourage, and support any resident who would like to run for Riverside's Village Board of Trustees.

Can I be a candidate? Yes you can!

Have you lived in Riverside for decades or just a few years? Either way, you can run for office!

Are you a business person, an artist, a public servant, a retiree, or a stay-at-home parent? You too can be a candidate!

Any Village of Riverside resident who meets the State of Illinois eligibility can be a candidate!

*For more information about the State of Illinois requirements, please visit

Specific state requirements may be found in the Candidates Guide, in the Running for Office section of the website.

How does it work?

The Recruiting Committee

In the spring of even-numbered years, the Riverside Community Caucus forms a Recruiting Committee. The Recruiting Committee is composed of RCC members who work closely with the community to find, encourage, and support our friends and neighbors who are interested in running for Riverside's Board of Trustees.

The Recruiting Committee will make announcements and seek the community's help to find great leaders. Anyone can nominate someone they know as a possible Board of Trustee Candidate, regardless of Caucus membership status. The Recruiting Committee will make every effort to reach all nominees, and as many people in the community as possible. Look for their announcements on social media and in the RB Landmark. They will also be sending emails, making phone calls, and personally engaging with friends, neighbors, and the community.

For more information about the Recruiting Committee's goals and objectives please visit the

2022 Recruiting Committee Objectives.


To nominate yourself or someone you know please complete and submit the candidate nomination form.

The 2022 Nomination form, for 2023 prospective candidates has closed.

The next form will be published in the summer of 2024.

The form is sent directly to the Recruiting Committee. Upon receipt of the nomination, the Recruiting Committee will reach out to the nominee directly. It's that simple!

Step 2


Once you've decided to begin the endorsement process, we would like to get to know you.

All prospective candidates are asked to complete the

2022 Prospective Candidate Introduction.

Once completed please email a .pdf version of this document along with your resume to

Once the Recruiting Committee has reviewed your introduction packet they will schedule a time to meet with you personally to review your information. This is an opportunity for everyone to meet, review the information you provided, ask additional questions, and answer any questions you might have about what is involved in running for and serving on our village board.

One of the first questions we are asked is "How many hours a week would I need to commit to this?" To help answer this and other questions, we interviewed the 2022 sitting board members and this is what they shared.

2022 Trustee Interview Summary.

Step 3

Community Forum

In the fall of even numbered years, the Riverside Community Caucus will host a moderated public forum where candidates may engage with and present themselves to the Riverside community.

The entire village, regardless of membership, as well as all candidates who participated in the Caucus process, are welcome to attend.

Prior to the event, the RCC will ask the community to submit questions they would like the prospective candidates to answer. Although time is limited, we will make every effort to ask all of the questions at the forum.

Step 4

RCC Members Vote

Shortly after the forum, Riverside Community Caucus members will vote on which prospective candidates to endorse.

Although all candidates may be qualified, we may not be able to endorse them all. If there are three (3) open seats on the Board of Trustees then the Caucus will endorse three (3) prospective candidates.

We deeply appreciate all members of our community who seek ways to serve our village and its residents!

If a candidate is not endorsed by the RCC, it is in no way a negative reflection on their character, integrity, or ability to serve the community. We genuinely believe that all prospective candidates add value to the community, regardless of the RCC's endorsement. It is our hope that all prospective candidates will continue to engage with and find ways to contribute to our community.

Helpful Information

2022 Prospective Candidate Introduction

2022 Prospective Candidate Introduction

Beta - RCC Recruiting Commitee Objectives

2022 Recruiting Committee Objectives

2022 Trustee Attributes & Skills.pdf

Helpful skills and attributes of a Trustee

2022 Sitting Trustee Discussion Summary.pdf

2022 Trustee Interviews:

What does it mean to be a Trustee?