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Facilitating Effective Representative Village Government

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Each year members of our Riverside Community throw a small membership fee in a pot which supports the good work we do in our neighborhood.  We use that money to pay for stamps, rent spaces for community events, and pay general expenses associated with our main focus of building civic engagement around the task of running for local offices in Riverside.  Our little Caucus has been around for almost one hundred years and over those years we have done a lot of good work helping good people take the leap into running for local elected offices.  I am very proud of our organization and you should be as well.

None of this happens without you.  Your membership and the memberships of your neighbors bring people together around the cause of supporting local government.  Local government is important and impacts all of us in ways big and small.  Please take a minute to renew your support and membership in this work.

Tim Daly 

Membership Director

To renew your membership online, please choose "RCC Annual Membership Dues" at our CheddarUp page:

Whether you donate $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100, every little bit makes a BIG impact!

Your donations allow the RCC to pursue additional outreach opportunities like participating in local events, print marketing materials, and ad placement in local media. To donate please visit:

To renew your membership by mail, please send a check for $25.00 per person, along with THIS form to: 

Riverside Community Caucus

P.O. Box 22

Riverside, IL 60546

Why is the RCC important?

The local level of government has the greatest impact on the day-to-day life of every individual in its constituency. 

The Riverside Community Caucus is here to encourage and support residents to learn more about how our village works, become engaged citizens, and help them step into leadership roles in the community. 

We believe that our community deserves a strong, stable, representative village government free from partisan politics and special interests, as well as candidates who make decisions based on the best interests of the community. 

Riverside's village leadership is a responsibility shared across the community, rather than controlled by a minority, and we invite all Riverside residents to join.